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Chin Augmentation

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Introducing chin augmentation in Manhattan by Dr. Mehta, a renowned board-certified plastic surgeon. This transformative procedure addresses facial balance and confidence by enhancing chin contours. With options including non-surgical dermal filler treatments or surgical implant placements, individuals seeking improved chin definition can achieve natural-looking results tailored to their unique features and goals.

Elevate Your Chin Profile &
Restore Facial Harmony

Chin augmentation is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the contours of the chin, creating a more balanced and harmonious facial appearance. Whether you are seeking a stronger jawline or aiming to address a receding chin, this procedure can help you achieve your desired profile. Dr. Mehta offers both non-surgical options, involving dermal fillers for subtle improvements, and surgical solutions, including implant placement. Tailored to individual preferences, chin augmentation enhances overall facial proportions.

woman after chin augmentation in Manhattan

Chin Augmentation Corrects:

  • Receding chin structure
  • Lack of facial symmetry
  • Weak jawline definition
  • Imbalance between chin and other facial features


Dermal fillers offer a non-invasive approach to undergoing a chin augmentation in Manhattan. Composed of safe, biocompatible substances, these fillers are skillfully injected by Dr. Mehta to enhance chin contours. By carefully sculpting and adding volume, dermal fillers restore balance and definition to the chin area. The procedure is minimally invasive, requires little to no downtime, and provides a natural-looking outcome, making it suitable for those seeking subtle yet transformative enhancements.

How Dermal Fillers Enhance The Chin

Hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers leverage the natural moisture-retaining properties of HA, a sugar molecule found in the skin. When injected beneath the skin’s surface, HA attracts water molecules, volumizing the area and restoring depleted tissue. Dr. Mehta carefully injects the chosen fillers into targeted facial tissues around the chin and jawline to help you achieve a chiseled, contoured appearance. The results last 6 to 18 months, depending on the filler, following which you need additional treatments.

woman after chin augmentation in Manhattan


Amazing service. He is beyond professional, attentive, and caring. I am beyond happy with my results.


My experience with Dr Karan Mehta at Lexington Plastic Surgeons has been amazing. He's exceptional and very capable. He's caring, polite, and always available to answer any questions I have. I'm so grateful to have had Dr Mehta perform my procedure. I feel great and beautiful. The result is definitely worth the money. I highly recommend him to everyone.


Dr. Mehta is amazing! He has exceptional bedside manners and listens to what your desires are. He is profoundly knowledgeable and compassionate in his discipline.



  • Little to no downtime
  • Quick procedure
  • Natural-looking results
  • No anesthesia or incisions
  • Gradual and adjustable enhancement
  • Reversible, if necessary
  • Long-lasting results — up to 18 months


Following your chin augmentation in Manhattan, you can expect mild side effects like temporary swelling or bruising. These subside within a few days. You can resume most of your daily activities immediately, but avoid strenuous workouts and excessive sun exposure for a few days to ensure optimal results. You can see visible improvements immediately after the treatment, with continued improvements for up to 2 weeks as the side effects diminish. The final results last 6 to 18 months, depending on the chosen fillers and individual factors.

Surgical Chin Augmentation: Chin Implants

For those seeking more dramatic and permanent results, Dr. Mehta offers surgical chin augmentation with chin implants. This procedure involves the placement of custom-designed implants to enhance chin projection and definition. Dr. Mehta uses advanced techniques to ensure precise implant positioning for optimal facial harmony. A chin augmentation in Manhattan is an ideal option for individuals desiring substantial chin enhancement and are willing to undergo a carefully planned surgical procedure.

How Chin Implant Surgery Is Performed
Chin implant surgery is usually performed under general or local anesthesia. Under anesthesia, a discreet incision is made beneath the chin or within the mouth. A carefully chosen implant is then placed onto the chin bone. This augmentation enhances chin projection and balances facial features. The incision is closed, resulting in natural-looking contours. Dr. Mehta’s surgical expertise ensures aesthetic precision and patient safety throughout the procedure.

Benefits Of Surgical Chin Augmentation:

  • Dramatic and permanent enhancement
  • Precise customization with implants
  • Potential for comprehensive facial balance
  • Long-lasting results
  • Ideal for significant chin transformation

The Recovery Process
Following your chin implant procedure with Dr. Mehta, expect temporary side effects like swelling and discomfort. These effects gradually diminish within a few weeks. Plan for around 7-10 days of initial downtime, during which you’ll need to avoid strenuous activities. Dr. Mehta will provide personalized aftercare instructions, including proper wound care. While results become noticeable as swelling subsides, the full outcome of your chin augmentation in Manhattan typically emerges within a few months. You can enjoy your refined chin profile for years to come.

Meet Dr. Karan Mehta

Dr. Karan Mehta, our board-certified plastic surgeon in Manhattan, is committed to excellence and an individualized approach to each patient’s aesthetic journey. Focusing on precision and care, he specializes in creating natural and elegant results. Dr. Mehta’s dedication goes beyond the operating room – he personally reaches out to patients multiple times to ensure their healing process is progressing well. Embark on your transformation today; schedule a consultation to experience Dr. Mehta’s exceptional expertise firsthand.


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