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Dr. Karan Mehta, our board-certified plastic surgeon offering breast enhancement in Manhattan that help women achieve their desired breast size and shape. Whether it’s to restore volume after pregnancy, address uneven proportions, or enhance breast size, breast implants provide an effective solution for a more curvaceous form.

Achieve Your Desired
Bust Shape & Size

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. By using breast implants or fat transfer techniques, the procedure allows individuals to achieve their desired bust shape and size. It is a popular choice for women who wish to restore breast volume after pregnancy, improve symmetry, or enhance their overall appearance. Dr. Mehta specializes in providing personalized breast augmentation to help patients attain their aesthetic goals.

woman during breast enhancement in Manhattan 

Breast Augmentation Corrects:

  • Lack of breast volume
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Breast size that is disproportionate to the body
  • Loss of breast volume due to pregnancy or weight loss
  • Breasts that have changed shape or size with aging
  • Congenital breast deformities

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Types of Breast Implants

Saline Implants

Saline implants consist of a solid silicone shell filled with sterile saline water after placement in the breast. In case of a rupture, the deflation of the implant is usually noticeable due to the leakage of saline. Unlike silicone implants, where ruptures may go unnoticed as silicone leaks slowly, saline implants lead to more apparent changes in breast appearance.

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants are a popular choice due to their natural feel and appearance. The silicone gel inside the solid silicone rubber shell closely resembles breast tissue, providing a more realistic outcome. However, potential ruptures and leaks in silicone implants don’t manifest in external changes, so the FDA recommends regular MRIs for women with silicone implants.

Candidates for Breast Augmentation:

  • Women who desire fuller breasts
  • Individuals with asymmetrical breasts
  • Those with breasts that have lost volume due to pregnancy or weight loss
  • Individuals seeking to improve the proportion of their breasts to their body
  • Those with realistic expectations and good overall health
  • Women who have undergone a mastectomy and wish to restore breast volume
  • Individuals who have completed breast development and are at least 18 years old

To learn more about if you’re candidate for breast enhancement in Manhattan, contact us for an appointment.

patient during exam for breast enhancement in Manhattan 

Breast Augmentation Surgical Details

During a breast augmentation, you will be given anesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. Dr. Mehta will make incisions in a style that suits your specific needs, such as inframammary (in the fold under the breast), periareolar (around the areola), or transaxillary (in the armpit). These incisions are carefully placed to minimize scarring.

Next, Dr. Mehta will choose the placement option for the implants: subglandular (above the chest muscle) or submuscular (under the chest muscle). Subglandular placement typically offers a shorter recovery period and less postoperative discomfort, while submuscular placement may provide a more natural-looking result and reduce the risk of implant visibility or rippling.

Once the incisions and implant placement are determined, Dr. Mehta will insert the implants and ensure proper positioning and symmetry. The incisions will be closed with sutures or surgical tape, and dressings or bandages will be applied to facilitate healing. Dr. Mehta will discuss these details during your consultation to determine the suitable approach.

The Recovery Process

After breast enhancement in Manhattan, allow yourself sufficient time to recover and heal. You can expect some discomfort, swelling, and bruising in the days following the procedure. Dr. Mehta will provide specific instructions to help manage your recovery effectively. During the initial days, you should rest and avoid strenuous activities or heavy lifting. Follow the post-operative guidelines provided by your surgeon, including taking prescribed medications and attending follow-up appointments.

You may be advised to wear a supportive surgical bra to aid in healing and reduce swelling. It is common to experience temporary changes in breast sensitivity, which should gradually improve over time.

While everyone’s recovery experience is unique, most individuals can return to their daily activities within a week or two. However, it is essential to avoid vigorous exercise or activities that strain the chest muscles until your surgeon gives the green light.

Remember to be patient with the healing process, as it can take several weeks or months for the swelling to fully subside and the final results to become apparent. Regularly communicate with your surgeon about any concerns you may have during your recovery post breast enhancement in Manhattan.


I have and will continue to highly recommend Dr. Mehta to anyone considering breast augmentation mastopexy or any other cosmetic procedure. His expertise, professionalism, and dedication to patient satisfaction are truly commendable. Dr. Mehta has not only enhanced my physical appearance but also boosted my self-confidence. I am grateful for his exceptional skills and the positive impact he has had on my life.

Ms. Q.

Since meeting Dr. Mehta on day 1 I knew he would be the perfect doctor to perform my breast augmentation. He has many years of experience, and is extremely knowledgeable of the procedures he performs. He makes you feel comfortable pre/during/post procedure, and reassures you of anything you may seem anxious about. After my breast augmentation was completed, I couldn’t be happier with the results. Recovery was easy, painless, and quick. It has been two months since my procedure and I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received already. Definitely go to Dr. Mehta if you are looking for professional work done. Best investment ever.

Jaide T.

Dr. Mehta has been my savior, I had a previous breast augmentation with another doctor. My scar started reacting, and formed keloid, due to permanent sutures left behind on that previous surgery. Dr.Mehta was able to remove the old bad looking scar, and remove the stitches that were previously left behind, leaving a beautiful scar. I would recommend Dr.Mehta, because he is a very responsible Doctor, he is one to keep in touch, responds quickly to any concerns, before and after surgery. I had a concern a year later after my scar revision and Dr. Mehta did not hesitate to reply and see me to help me out. He is truly a gem, and I am very thankful for him.

Jennybelk V.

Breast Augmentation FAQs

How long do saline implants last, compared with silicone implants?

Saline implants typically last around 10-20 years, while silicone implants may have a longer lifespan of 15-20 years or more. However, longevity can vary depending on lifestyle, implant type, and individual circumstances.

What is the revision process like if I want to change the size or shape of my saline breast implants in the future?

If you decide to change your saline breast implant size or shape, a revision surgery can help you achieve your desired outcome. The procedure involves removing the existing implants, making necessary adjustments, and replacing them with new ones.

Am I able to completely remove my implants in the future, if I change my mind?

Yes, breast implants can be removed through a surgical procedure called implant removal or explantation. This allows you to return to your natural breast size and shape.

Can I undergo mammograms after getting implants?

Yes, it is possible to undergo mammograms after getting breast implants. However, it’s essential to inform your mammography technician about your implants. Specialized techniques may be used to ensure accurate breast screening without damaging the implants.

How long after breast implants must I wait before getting pregnant?

The timing of pregnancy after breast augmentation varies among individuals. Generally, it is advisable to wait at least several months after surgery to allow for proper healing. Consult with Dr. Mehta to determine the best timing for your specific situation.

Meet Dr. Karan Mehta

Dr. Karan Mehta is a board-certified plastic surgeon known for his tailored approach to surgeries and commitment to delivering the utmost precision and highest standard of care. With a focus on providing natural and elegant results, Dr. Mehta curates personalized treatment plans based on each patient’s unique anatomical concerns and goals. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mehta to receive personalized recommendations for breast augmentation in Manhattan.


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