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Introducing liposuction, a reliable method to address stubborn bulges that resist traditional weight loss efforts. Dr. Karan Mehta, a reputable Manhattan-based plastic surgeon, utilizes this procedure to enhance body contours by safely removing excess fat deposits. Discover how liposuction can restore your desired proportions and achieve a more appealing physique.

Suction Away Stubborn Fat Deposits

Liposuction is a surgical procedure designed to eliminate persistent fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise. Using power-assisted liposuction techniques, Dr. Mehta carefully removes excess fat cells, sculpting the body to restore more desirable contours and proportions. This precise approach allows for the suctioning away unwanted fat from areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, and more, helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals.

Liposuction Corrects:

  • Unwanted bulges
  • Excess fatty deposits
  • Stubborn fat resistant to diet and exercise
  • Disproportionate body contours
  • Lack of definition in specific areas
  • Unbalanced body proportions

Liposuction Target Areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Chin/Neck
  • Calves
  • Ankles
  • Male chest

Candidates for Liposuction:

  • Individuals with localized areas of excess fat
  • Those who have reached a stable weight
  • Healthy individuals with good skin elasticity
  • Those who don’t have underlying conditions that impair healing
  • Non-smokers or those willing to quit smoking before and after surgery
  • Patients with realistic expectations from the procedure
  • Individuals committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle after the procedure

Liposuction Surgical Details

Dr. Mehta employs advanced liposuction techniques to help you achieve your desired results. The surgery is typically performed under tumescent anesthesia, which involves the injection of a solution into the targeted area. This solution contains a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort, a vasoconstrictor to reduce bleeding, and a saline solution to facilitate fat removal.

Once the anesthesia takes effect, small incisions are made in discreet locations near the targeted areas. Through these tiny incisions, a thin cannula is inserted, which is connected to a powerful suction device. Dr. Mehta gently maneuvers the cannula beneath the skin to break up and suction out the excess fat cells. The cannula’s precise movements allow for controlled contouring and sculpting of the treatment area, ensuring smooth and natural-looking results. The procedure takes an hour or two, depending on the targeted areas.

The Recovery Process

After liposuction, you can expect some swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the treated areas, which is normal and temporary. During the initial phase of recovery, it is recommended to wear compression garments to reduce swelling and support the newly contoured areas. You may also be prescribed pain medication to manage any discomfort. It is crucial to follow all post-operative care guidelines provided by Dr. Mehta, including avoiding strenuous activities.

Over time, the swelling will gradually subside, and you will see improvements in your body contours. It is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet, to optimize and maintain your results. Dr. Mehta will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and provide any necessary guidance during your recovery journey. By following the guidelines, you can expect a successful recovery.

Meet Dr. Karan Mehta

Dr. Karan Mehta, our board-certified plastic surgeon, takes pride in offering personalized care to each patient. With a commitment to addressing your unique concerns, he curates personalized treatment plans that ensure optimal outcomes. He incorporates the latest techniques and principles in aftercare, ensuring optimal outcomes. He even goes the extra mile by contacting patients multiple times to ensure they heal appropriately. Schedule a consultation to discover how he can help you achieve your desired body contours.


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